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Economic Development Goals and Objectives

 Current Report

 2015 Goals and Strategies / 2014 Economic Development Report


 2014 Goals and Strategies / 2013 Economic Development Report

 2013 Goals and Strategies / 2012 Economic Development Report

 2012 Economic Development Adopted Goals and Strategies / 2011 Economic Development Report

 2010 - 2011 Economic Development Goals and Objectives Report

 2009 Economic Development Report and 2010 Economic Development Strategies/Goals

 2009 Mid-Year Economic Development Report - 6/25/09

 2008 Economic Development Report and 2009 Economic Development Recommendations - 12/23/08

 2007 Economic Development Report and 2008 Economic Development Recommendations  - 12/7/07

Economic development continues to play an important role in maintaining Novi’s growth and quality of life for both commercial ventures and residents. Troubled times in Michigan call for all communities to formulate and execute sound economic development plans that will both foster new growth and retain development. Such investments provide the jobs and taxable value Novi needs to maintain and grow municipal services – an integral component of our success formula. We influence and facilitate the process that allows business to create jobs and grow a diversified Novi tax base.

The City of Novi continues to move in the right direction as it pertains to economic development. It is important to pay attention to maintaining property tax values as well as continuing to treat the business community as our partners.

These reports summarize the economic development activities accomplished in within a fiscal year and measured by the adopted goals and objectives set forth by the Novi City Council.

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